Current Detours

Current Detours

Route 005, 007, 010 Outbound: Hudson to NW 5th. NW 5th to Lee. Lee to NW 4th and resume route.

Route 005, 007, 010 Inbound: NW 4th to Lee. Lee to NW 5th. NW 5th to Hudson.

Route 008 Outbound: Hudson Ave. to NW 5TH. NW 5th to Lee. Lee to NW 4th. NW 4th to Klein. North on Klein to NW 5th.  West on 5th to Douglas.  South on Douglas to NW 3rd. West to Virginia. North and resume regular route. We will reverse this on the inbound.

Route 011 Inbound and Outbound School Detour between 14:30 and 16:30 weekdays @ Rockwood Elementary school. Regular route to SW 25th and May, continue north to SW 20th and May, West to Grand, North and resume route. Reverse this on the inbound. (when school is in session).

Route 012 Inbound Continue East on Reno to N Walker. North on Walker to the Transit Center.

Route 15 Inbound  (Permanent Detour) Westbound from I-40. Exit 151A at Oklahoma City Boulevard. West to Robinson and resume regular route.

Route 24 Outbound PM Only  (Permanent Detour) From the Transit Center: South on Hudson to SW 3rd. West to Shields. South on Shields to I-35 and resume regular route.

Detours posted: 3/14/19

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