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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

DBE Program Overview
Pursuant to 49 CFR Part 26, it is the policy of the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) that disadvantaged business enterprises (businesses owned by women and minorities) as defined by U.S. Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR Part 26 shall have a fair opportunity to compete for and participate on COTPA contracts and subcontracts.

EMBARK assigns DBE participation goals on a contract-by-contract basis on federally funded construction contracts having a total dollar value greater than $500,000 and on non-construction procurements (i.e. contracts for services, supplies, and equipment) having a total value greater than $150,000.

The goal may be satisfied by utilizing one or more DBE's as joint venture partners, subcontractors or suppliers of goods and services of any kind or nature, provided that the DBE performs the tasks awarded when the contract was executed. DBE firms may also participate as prime contractors.

DBE Certification
Only the participation of minority and women-owned firms that have been certified by Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) as DBE's can be counted towards satisfaction of the goal. If you are a small, minority or woman-owned business, you are especially encouraged to participate in our business opportunities. 

The ODOT DBE Office certifies businesses capable of performing services and/or providing products which can be credited toward disadvantaged business enterprise goals on federally assisted contracts. These services and/or products are generally related to construction projects, transit services, professional and consultant service contracts, funded wholly or in part by FHWA, FTA, or FAA.

To apply for DBE/ACDBE, apply online here. If you are already a certified DBE/ACDBE, click here to view instructions on how to log into your profile.

ODOT DBE contacts:
Amber Mihm
Email  |  405-521-6046

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